Express 30 minute workouts!
Lynn Burr New Life Training

Lynn Burr is a superb trainer. Lynn J. Burr, of New Life, (New Life Training) will give you the express workout (some call it a power workout). Lynn Burr is an elite trainer; building a specific training plan just for you. A great plan involving personal time from a personal trainer. Training includes weight training, personal training, weight, weights, cardiovascular, exercise, cardiovascular exercise, physical, physical fitness, therapy, physical therapy, physical training, body, sculpting, body sculpting, one on one, weight loss, muscle building, muscle, fitness, workout and health. All in Orlando Florida.



Look Good, Feel Great, Live Healthy!


   With over 35 years of training experience, I will create a training plan specifically for you; the perfect combination of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, dynamic warm-up routines, active isolated stretching routines & a nutritional regimen, to help you transform your body & dramatically improve your health, strength & self-image!


   All this in a clean, safe and private training studio with no membership to buy!

New Life Training

A Special Training Plan for a Special Body - YOURS!


   Most personal trainers instruct their clients in the same methods that they use themselves without any consideration of the uniqueness of their clients' bodies.

They think, "If it works for me, it'll work for you."




   My approach includes a training plan that teaches YOU how to get in touch with your body and feel your muscles respond and perform.


30 Minute Express Workouts!


   You'll receive an individually designed workout program specifically for your needs. Focusing on proper technique and form and combining multiple body parts for each exercise, you will get the most effective and efficient workout in 30 minutes!


Email or call me to set up an appointment - men, women and children of all ages - or simply for more information!


Training for:

Individuals / Partners / Small Groups

Lynn Burr New Life Training

Training that's CLEAN!  SAFE! & PRIVATE!


With ample & well-lit parking, our personal training studio offers private showers & changing areas for men & women.

Lynn Burr New Life Training
5433 Lake Howell Road • Winter Park, FL 32792

Convenient to:

Winter Park • Casselberry • Altamonte Springs • Longwood • Maitland • Oviedo

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One-on-one training!
Lynn Burr New Life Training
Lynn Burr New Life Training

P.I.A. Certified Pilates Instructor

Johnny G Spin Certified

Lynn J. Burr

Lynn Burr New Life Training